The Sarah Palin Threat!

Over the past week, there has so much activity surrounding Sarah Palin coming from Democrats with so many negative and nasty comments, blogs, and liberal media biased pieces.  It leads one to think for a minute and wonder – “Why so much activity?”.  It is painfully clear that the Democrats are running scared and are using every medium possible to bring demise to Sarah Palin.  It ranges from false accusations, to bringing up irrelevant issues, to publishing fake letters that slam her reputation, to terrible name calling, and some even stating that she was wrong for not aborting her DS child.


However, what appear to be even more outlandish are the double standards that are being applied to Sarah Palin.  A few examples are listed below:  Continue reading


Hillary Clinton Charity?

The primaries are over!  Whew!  It was becoming difficult to watch Clinton continue a battle that apparently was lost months ago.  Even in a time when, at least to many, the race was a goner for Hillary, she continued to borrow money from her personal finances to push forward.  How much did she borrow from her personal coffers in all?  The reports indicate that it was around $11 million.  In addition, her campaign ended up in the red by a long shot ($9 Million) even after her infusion of cash.  As a result, she has until the convention to get her debts paid and pay herself back via contributions from the general public or she will have to take a loss. 

Let’s see!  People, many who have a net worth that is minimal to zero, are to help her pay herself back millions.  I am trying to figure out who is buying in to that nonsense.  Should I use $50-100 to fill the tank or contribute to a lost campaign?  Well, I am not sure about you but it seems pretty clear – help Hillary!  Ya right!

In this case, logic got trumped by a foolish agenda – staying in the race.  Before March 4Th, many sources were indicating that Clinton would need blowout wins in each state in order to over take Obama.  In fact, after Super Tuesday #2 (March 4th), the margins were not there and yet she pushed on with her blind vision.  Her viewpoint being that she statistically was not out of it.   Pushing forward and being out spent by the Obama campaign, she borrowed more money from her coffers and chose to buy ads rather than pay the bills that were mounting.  This trend continued right up to June 3rd.  It is hard to tell whether she truly believed that the people should have a say to the end or whether she did not want to face the humility of dropping out before the end of the primaries.  Maybe, she hoped to raise enough in contributions to get paid back which would require that she stick it out to the convention.  Who knows!

The sad part about all of this is that Clinton, who could have limited her losses, continued to spend hoping to recoup the funds later (hard to raise money after a loss).  In fact, it has now become a plea of hers to seek contributions via a Special Thank You.  Kind of ironic, a politician worth millions hoping to repay her loan from herself with funds raised from those who support her and are more likely the 98% making less that $200,000.

Here are some points to ponder (from CNN ( and Fox News (  Archives):

  1. Clinton Net Worth is 34.9 Million.
  2. Income from 2000 – 2007 is 109.1 Million
  3. In late January, Clinton revealed she had dipped into her own finances for an additional boost ahead of  “Super Tuesday” contests, lending her Democratic presidential campaign $5 million. “I think the results last night prove the wisdom of my investment,” she said.
  4. Hillary Clinton’s cash-strapped presidential campaign has been putting off paying hundreds of bills for months — freeing up cash for critical media buys but also earning the campaign a reputation as something of a deadbeat in some small-business circles.
  5. Hillary had to stay in the campaign in order to raise money to pay herself back due to a little-known provision of a 2002 campaign – finance law cosponsored by McCain which prevents candidates who drop out of the race from raising money after the nominating conventions to repay themselves for personal loans. So lend yourself money to stay in in hopes to have contributions to pay it back.

OMG – It’s about the Issues

After reading a few blogs and news articles, it sounds like we elect presidents based on slogans, looks, popularity and race/gender (for some).  Simply put, if that is what you are concerned about then our country is heading down the wrong path.  Where do the comparisons on issue stand?  

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Fueling up “On the Way”

A recent email I received provided a link to help you find the cheapest gas in your area. 

FW: Least expensive gas in your zip code

After trying it and seeing the results, I found out what I already know, in fact the cheapest was not on the list (Sam’s Club).  However, this lead me to ponder the “lowest in you area idea”.  In this day and age, I cannot imagine not knowing your area in terms of everything from groceries to entertainment to – yes, gas.  There are generally a set of circumstances that cause someone to buy gas which range from the panic buy to the planned purchase.   The panic purchase generally results in that small purchase ($15-$20) that will get you to that station where it is $.05 less.  The planned purchase is either an extra trip, out of the way detour or “on the way”.  In all cases, besides “on the way”, are we really saving anything?  The car I am currently driving cost $.18 per mile to drive (Cost/Miles – Per Gallon).  Therefore, for each mile I drive, to get to that station that is cheapest, I am losing the discount.   Continue reading


I find it curious!  Hillary continues on despite the lead Obama has at this point.  She is losing the battle and does not want to leave.  Hmmmmm!  That reminds me of someone.  Let me think!  Oh ya!  President Bush whom she criticizes regarding his lack of wanting to get out of Iraq.  At least there is “not much talked about” progress there!  Something rather fascinating is her critiques of the Republicans for going negative, yet she went sour against Obama.  Much to my surprise, the media (after all the hype when she announced) did treat her like she was the Republican Party (now she knows what it feels like).  After all her antics, it is very clear (if it wasn’t weeks ago) that Obama will move on to the general election. 

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McCain has to be the Choice

What other choice is there?  Unfortunately, the best candidate in my opinion is republican but not McCain.  Considering the very liberal policies of Obamillary, how can people consider them?  Think about their views on health care, military, taxes, etc.  If you are not sure or need help go to or (select the candidate and then the issues tab).    Continue reading